Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wheat Free Bakery

I had heard of the Wheat free Bakery on Facebook with excellent reviews, and decided to try some of their breads.

They are a small, independent, family owned bakery, specialising in gluten and wheat free products, based in Scotland.

They have lots of bread and bread rolls to choose from, as well as an egg free section and cakes, sweet treats and mixes.

I have made a few orders now, generally bloomers, and their bread is amazing. I really love it!!!
The crust is a bit crusty without being too hard and there are no holes in the bread. It is very soft and moist and just generally gorgeous. You can see the full list of ingredients for each product in case you have a problem with something else.

As well as the bloomers, I have also tried some rolls, which are of the same high quality and the eclairs which are very nice too.
And they've always include a freebie in all the parcels I've received so far (hot cross buns for Easter, very spicy, very gorgeous).
They charge £5.95 for delivery (for parcels up to 20 kg), which is what they pay the couriers, but as the bread itself is cheaper than supermarket alternatives I'd say it evens out on price for a higher quality product.
All the bread I bought has arrived in excellent condition, and very fresh, as they dispatch it the day they bake it.
I normally buy 3 bloomers & an assortment of rolls.
I slice the bloomers and freeze them in small portions, and it's as good defrosted as the day it arrives. I put them directly from the freezer into the toaster, and they are good to go.
I only wish that I had a bigger freezer ;)

For more information visit their website:
Wheat Free Bakery

Yorika Free From Ice cream

Yorika has opened recently in Soho and it is such a joy to visit.

The decoration is quite cool, ice cream colours, seasoned with a happy soundtrack.

Then you have the ice cream bar, lots of choice including some unusual flavours, all made with natural ingredients.
I loved their raspberry and vanilla flavours.

And then you have the fun of their toppings bar!!!
All sprinkles are free, but you can also add fresh fruit, and other mad combinations like gummy bears, cookie crumbs or mini marshmallows (£0.65).
If that is not enough, you can top it all up with a sauce (£0.35).

If you are allergic or intolerant to gluten, dairy, nuts or eggs, or if you are vegan, this is your place.

You can choose any of their ice creams, frozen yogurts, smoothies and shakes without having to worry about ingredients, even try the peanut butter ice cream (made without peanuts!).

I reckon they are on to something good ;)

130 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8ZN